Chicago Cutlery Reviews

Chicago Cutlery Reviews: The Best Knife Block Sets

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Are you confuse and wondering how to choose best Chicago cutlery? Do you want perfect and necessary information which surely help you select good quality Chicago cutlery? So that you are on the right platform as we have compiled up all necessary features and factors you should know before going for cutlery shopping.

In this detailed Chicago cutlery reviews, we brought every major and essential information that will entertain your queries and problems to decide which Chicago cutlery you should buy.

Besides, this guide or review will provide you crucial information, techniques, and options to choose long-lasting, safe and affordable Chicago cutlery kitchen knife setas per your need. Cutlery increases the efficiency and accuracy in the kitchen at the same time you should check out finest blade and block sharpener made up of steel or any other best material. Educate yourself further by reading this entire review to get ultimate useful information and the best guidance to choose on right Chicago cutlery block set.

Let us know about the Chicago cutlery reviews and its features.

What are Important Features of Chicago cutleries?

It is important to have a perfect knife with proper handle type because you should hold a knife properly to avoid clumsy and slow cutting. This is the most crucial feature offered by Chicago cutlery block sets, as well as features include such as varieties of knives, best value material, and reasonable price. Chicago cutlery offers some wonderful features mentioned below:

  • Different handle types: Chicago cutlery featured different handle types sets which can fit your hands perfectly so you can easily grab knives better and perform your functions.
  • Varieties of knives: knife sets offered in Chicago cutlery are mostly universal and standard but it also features different variety knives for different functions. These varieties include mostly peeling knives, utility knives, kitchen shears or Santoku knives along with a number of steak knives.
  • Best material: besides, the Chicago cutlery kitchen knife sets have contained the incredible feature of best construction material. All knives in the sets are made up of high-value material which ensures the factors like durability, rust resistance, pitting better so all these knives will stay sharper for a long time. Mainly the construction materials used in Chicago cutlery sets are high-carbon stainless steel and regular stainless steel.

What are Popular Chicago Cutlery Kitchen Knife Series?

The popular Chicago cutlery kitchen knife series comprises of following:

  • Chicago Cutlery Insignia
    One of the most popular Chicago cutlery knife series is known as Chicago cutlery Insignia. The knife set of this series is in a number of pieces like 3, 4, 12, and 18-pieces. The sizes of the knives in the sets can be selected according to the requirement in the kitchen. However, the material of knives’ blade is made up of carbon stainless steel. Besides, the Chicago Cutlery Insignia block contains in-block sharpener which is efficient and useful to sharp knives any time.
  • Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan
    This series of Chicago cutlery features black polymer handles which are easy to hold by everyone. Also, Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan series set contains sharp blade made of high carbon stainless steel. These blades remain to sharpen for a long time so that people can use it conveniently. The sets of Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan are fixed in hardwood block which is easy and safe to use on any counter.
  • Chicago Cutlery Belmont
    This Chicago cutlery series is the best and smart choice for all those who want to buy the first knife set for their kitchen. This cutlery series comprises of all standard knives at the same time it carries eight steak knives in the set block. While the features of this Belmont series sets include black polymer handles for easy grip and all the blades of knives are made of carbon stainless steel. However, this cutlery series set in the beautiful hardwood block.
  • Chicago Cutlery Kinzie
    This unique series of Chicago cutlery comprises of standard and commonly used knives and all set wood block which is dark espresso in color. This feature makes it stand out from rest of common knife sets, although the blades of knives are made from high carbon stainless steel. The most crucial feature of Chicago cutlery Kinzie series is made from Taper Grind technology. This series of Chicago cutlery mostly offer 14 pieces set; all knives in the set are commonly used in the average kitchen.
  • Chicago Cutlery Belden
    This Belden series from Chicago cutlery is most popular due to its stylish looks. However, this cutlery series does not provide sharpener it means you just need to buy separate sharpener to use over knives. Besides, this Belden set is utterly stylish and elegant with curved handles that makes this set a perfect fit for all types of kitchens. This series of cutlery set in the beautiful cherry wood block. This series of cutlery provide all commonly used knives which are highly used in average kitchens.

Chicago Cutlery vs Other Brands

Chicago Cutlery is much better than brands, as this statement include several features like sharpening blades of knives, varieties of knives, durability, designs, best grip handles and much more. Let us compare Chicago cutlery knife block sets with other brands’ sets:

  • chicago cutlery vsfarberware
    Farberware is another cutlery brand offer blades typically made of stainless steel, however, the Chicago Cutlery knives’ blades are made up of high carbon stainless steel. Since the blades made from high carbon stainless steel are highly durable and stays sharper for a long time. Furthermore, the sets of Chicago cutlery made from taper grind ™ technology, this technology ensures that knives stay sharper for a long time.
  • chicago cutlery vscalphalon
    However, both cutlery brands contain several similarities but instead, Chicago cutlery offers better quality knives at affordable rates than calphalon sets. Calphalon and Chicago cutlery brand produce knives with the blades made of high carbon steel. Both brands offer durable knives which last longer, also provide an almost standard set of knives for an average kitchen.

We bring an amazing and comprehensive Chicago cutlery knife set reviews for you out there so that you can aware yourself when going out for buying perfect cutlery for your kitchen. After a long research, we compiled up some best Chicago cutlery reviews for you to choose your best knife set. All the Chicago cutlery knife sets carry useful and essential information which help you to make a decision whether the knife set is according to your requirement or not.

5 Best Chicago Cutlery Knife Set Reviews

Let us explore five best Chicago cutlery knives reviews in this way you will have a better idea to choose perfect Chicago cutlery kitchen knife set according to your kitchen needs. Let’s start the countdown:

1. Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel Knife Set with In-Block Sharpener

Insignia cutting tools are the mark of efficiency and accuracy, this 18 pieces Chicago cutlery knife set has all the professional and standard knives with a satin finish. This knife set is perfect for regular use, as the set contains 3-1/4″ parer, 3″ peeler, 6″ boning, 5″ utility, 8″ serrated bread, 8″ slicer, 8″ chef, 7″ Santoku, eight 4-1/2″ steak knives, with in-block sharpener and block.

This Chicago Cutlery Insignia set is made with a forged design to increase balance and weight. The knife set contains sleek and contemporary contoured Stainless Steel handles as the handles are contoured for easy grip.

Most reasonable Chicago cutlery insignia knives are made from professional high-carbon stainless steel forged blades although the handles are made from stainless steel.The perfect cutlery set made with the exclusive technology of Taper grind edge offer ultimate sharpness for edge cutting also these blades are easy to re-sharpen.

Moreover, this Chicago cutlery insignia set comprises of full metal tang which extends from blade tip to the end tip of the knife forming part of the handle; offers added strength, balance, and control. For this reason, this knife set is safe and comfortable to use by everyone in the kitchen.

2. Chicago Cutlery Belden Block Knife Set

The popular and renowned manufacturer produced extraordinary knife set which is an ultimate cooking delight in the kitchen. This unique cutlery comes with attractive design, excellent value and most reasonable price. This exclusive Chicago cutlery Belden knife set includes 15 pieces in total also six steak knives and wonderful cherry wood block are the special features of this cutlery set.

As the matter of fact, the series Belden by Chicago cutlery is highly known for incredible appearance and best quality knives. Moreover, the stylish and contemporaryBelden cutlery collection provides dual-material handles and angled bolsters.This best quality cutlery set made from Exclusive Taper Grind Edge technology although complete metal tangs offer extra strength, balance, and control.

This smart and unique Chicago cutlery Belden set includes (6) 4-1/2 inch steak knives, 8-inch chef knife, (2) 4-inch paring knives, 8-inch slicer, 8-inch bread knife, 5-1/2 inch utility knife, 3-inch peeler and shears.
This cutlery knife set made from professional stainless steel blades while the handles of knives are made up of stainless steel and triple-rivet polymer. This beautiful, durable and safe cutlery knife set made with trend-forward designs.

3. Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan Block Knife Set

The known manufacturer produced ultimate wonderful 15 pieces Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan Knife Set. This durable, sharpened and safe cutlery knife set is a perfect fit for those who want to have their first ever knife set in their kitchen.

The smart cutlery knife set provides you with the precision you need as all the knives made from professional high carbon stainless steel blades which is a perfect fit and helps to resist staining, rusting and pitting.All the knives of this cutlery set are sharpened for precision cutting.Chicago cutlery metropolitan knife set has carried black polymer handles.

The exclusive cutlery metropolitan knife set made with unique Taper Grind edge technology provides optimum sharpness as well as it is easy to re-sharpen. With the stronger and harder blades, this cutlery knife set contained complete metal tang extends from the blade tip to the knife end forming part of the handle; delivers additional strength, balance, and control.

This Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan knife set featured hardwood block, (1) 2-3/4″ Paring Knife, (1) 4-3/4″ Partoku Knife, (1) 3-1/2″ Paring Knife, (1) 5-1/2″ Utility Knife, (1) 9″ Scalloped Knife, (1) 7″ Santoku Knife, (6) 4-1/2″ Steak Knives, (1) Kitchen Shears and (1) 8″ sharpening steel.

4. Chicago Cutlery Kinzie Block Knife Set

Another best Chicago cutlery Kinzie14 pieces knife set is on the number fourth position in our list by the famous manufacturer. One more time Kinzie brought remarkable and high-quality cutlery knife set that appeal consumer with smart functional qualities such as non-slip soft grip handles, modern and upscale touches of an espresso-stained block. This ultimate smart, comfortable grip, and long-lasting cutlery knife set designed and made with exclusive Taper Grind Edge technology.

High carbon stainless steel is used to the manufactured blade of knives in the Chicago Cutlery Kinzie Knife Set although Espresso wood material is used in manufacturing block. This Kinzie collection provides a lifetime warranty for this smart, safe, and durable cutlery set. This cutlery knife set comprises of 1 Chef’s Knife, 1 Utility Knife, 1 Bread Knife, 1 Parer, 1 Peeler, 1 Sharpening Steel, 1 Shears and 6 Steak Knives.

This Kinzie cutlery knife set by Chicago cutlery designed with Trend-forward designs. The ultimate smart and affordable cutlery knife set specially designed to make cutting effortless and comfortable.

5. Chicago Cutlery Belmont Block Knife Set

This simple but elegant Chicago cutlery Belmont knife set comprises of 16 pieces and all its features makes it a perfect fit for daily use in the average kitchen. This stylish but valuable material cutlery knife set is perfect for those who want to purchase a knife set for their kitchen. Its affordable cost makes it most worthy and standout among other although dual material handles provide sound comfort and easy grip while cutting. The Chicago Cutlery Belmont knife set contains beautiful display with Espresso Wood Block.

The Belmont knife set contains precision sharpened standard forged knives for a great cutting experience. However, the cutlery Belmont knife set with full metal tang offers supplementary, strength, balance and control. Entire cutlery set manufactured by professional stainless steel blades besides, the handles are made from stainless steel and polymer.

This trend forward designed Chicago cutlery Belmont knife set particularly designed to make cutting smooth, safe and effortless. Since the harder and strong stainless steel blades of knives are resistant to stains, rust, and pitting. Smart cutlery set by Belmont offers a lifetime warranty. Moreover, the Chicago Cutlery Belmont knife set comprises of 7.75 Inch Chef Knife, 5 Inch Utility Knife, 8 Inch Bread Knife, 3.5 Inch Paring Knife, (8) 4.5 Inch Steak Knives, 3 Inch Peeler Knife, Sheers and Sharpening Steel.

Specialized Chicago Cutlery knife That You Might Consider

  • Chicago Cutlery chef knife
    There are diverse options offered by Chicago cutlery with a chef knife, the best 8-inch chef knife provide the greatest value in this regard. With the sharp blade and rubber handle for easy grip, this chef knife is the ideal source of cutting food professionally. At the same time, chef knife is also the best option for butchering chickens, slicing tomatoes and chopping onions
  • Chicago Cutlery paring knife
    Many different sizes of pairing knives offered by Chicago Cutlery, you can easily buy these pairing knives individually or in a set. The handles of pairing knives by Chicago cutlery made from a black polymer or solid walnut. Chicago cutlery designed paring knives with taper grind edges to ensure maximum sharpness.
  • Chicago Cutlery steak knives
    Steak knives by Chicago cutlery are multi-functional, steak knives are sharpened enough to do steak cutting. However, Chicago cutlery offers several sets of steak knives though every separate set offers a different stylish look. You can easily purchase steak knives in sets with several available sizes.


By releasing all the best Chicago cutlery knife mentioned above, our top choice is Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel Knife Set. This cutlery set worth your money as it carried high-quality material, strong stainless steel blade, and easy grip handles. The fit cutlery knife set that helps you make professional cutting or food in your kitchen.

Besides, there are several Chicago cutlery reviews available for you all to select your best one. Also, we believe our buying guide to best Chicago cutlery knife set reviews will surely help you decide on fit Cutlery knife set. Do not forget you should determine your requirement and pros and cons of cutlery set so in this way you will be better figured out which is right.

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